Automated Backup

SympDR backups your data over the Internet to a remote site, as often as you want it to be - automatically, behind the scenes. You focus on your core business, while SympDR takes care of the backup.


High Availability

Because your data is backup over the Internet to a remote site, it is important that the remote site is available 24/7. 


SympDR understands your concerns for the privacy of your data stored on the remote site. While we continue to main high availability of your remote site, the data on the remote site can only be accessed by you.


Higher Productivity

Because there is no need to provision a physical offsite, and your team can switch production to the remote site fast - SympDR helps you to achieve higher productivity. No complications, only the same familiar work environment.



Save more 

Traditional DR involves the physical transport of a tape backup from your office to a remote site, the provisioning of a remote offsite office and the necessity of technical support from the DR provider. Your team has to physically move to the remote site when disaster happens.
With SympDR, there is no need to provision a remote site. It is almost maintenance free, and simple enough for your team to switch production to the remote site - all at the comfort of your home!


Clients include

Symp revolutionises the Disaster Recovery procedures in ARN, by replacing the existing costly solution with an amazing innovative Cloud alternative - which not only reduces the cost dramatically, but also maintains the objectives required by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).