Lightning Fast

Hosted on DNS Servers that are designed to be fast, SympDNS answers DNS queries with low latency by using a global network of DNS servers. Queries for your domain are automatically routed to the nearest DNS server, and thus answered with the best possible performance.


High Availability, Low Latency

SympDNS uses a highly available and reliable infrastructure which is made of DNS servers globally distributed  to help ensure a consistent ability to route your end users to your website by circumventing any internet or network related issues. SympDNS provides the level of dependability required by important applications. Leveraging on a global anycast network of DNS servers around the world, SympDNS automatically answer queries from the optimal location depending on network conditions. As a result, the service offers low query latency for your end users.

Weighted Round Robin

Weighted Round Robin allows you to specify the frequency (“weights”) with which different DNS responses are returned to end users - which in turn can bring servers into production, perform A/B testing, or balance your traffic across regions or data centers of varying sizes.


Multiple IP Addresses, One Record 

Associating multiple IP addresses with a single record is often used for balancing the load of geographically-distributed web servers. SympDNS allows you to list multiple IP addresses for an A record and responds to DNS requests with the list of all configured IP addresses.



DNS Explained

Typing into the web browser’s address bar actually connects you to’s IP address ( But how will your browser know that it should connect to 
Domain Name System (DNS) is an industry standard protocol that translates domain name to IP address and viceversa. The diagram on the right shows a user making a request to and the browser asks DNS for its IP address. Once the DNS returns the IP address, the web browser makes a HTTP request and the web server responds to the browser.


Clients include

JobsAceDirect showcases a job matching system - that automatically matches resumes of potential job seekers to job advertisements posted by employers. Successful matching triggers automatic notifications to both the employer and the selected job seeker. Employers need to purchase credits for posting of job advertisement and other transactions.


Brickston Transport Service is one of the most well-known bus caterer, and one of the largest private bus company in Singapore. Its website showcases an Online Booking capability that allows the public to quickly secure a bus for any occasion and event.


Keppelite Recreation Club is the avenue for the promotion of higher productivity through a healthy workforce by Keppel Corporation. Its website requires updates on the various competitions that take place annually.



Bliss Hotel is a boutique hotel website with a bridged room booking system, on top of showcasing its room facilities and many pictures of its rooms. A simple and informative style that aligns with the client's visions, Symp listens.


TuitionSuperMart is a tuition portal that automatically matches potential registered tutors to tutees, by considering the time availabilities, subjects to teach, geographical locations, and other attributes; keyed in by both parties.


DeveloperDirect is a real estate property portal that links to many properties under its umbrella. Its potential audience can register his interest in any of its properties, and an agent will respond promptly.