It's personal.

Your Symple Solution comes with complimentary telephone technical support for 30 days from your website deployment date, and with SympCare plan, you can extend your service coverage to one year. A Symp Expert will be assigned to you throughout the subscription period. His contact details such as his mobile number and email address are listed in your account page. You can either call him or email him describing your needs. This is indeed personal service and attention, which you deserve from choosing a Symple Solution.

One Stop.

Because we are involved in every aspect of the website design and development process - right from understanding the client's needs and programming the functionalities, to deploying the final product on our servers; the Symple Solution is a truly integrated solution. And only the SympCare gives you one-stop service and support from Symp Experts, so most issues are resolved within a single call. Contrast this against losing precious time and revenue contacting multiple parties responsible for each aspect of the entire website development process, and finding out the right person to address the issue.

Yours, right from the start.

Every Symple Solution is tied with a Daily Backup Solution, and comes with Content Management features, because Symp believes your website should allow you to make changes anytime you want. Afterall, it is YOUR website. 


Monthly report on your website statistics.

Symp provides you with statistics that will help you discover which terms visitors used to find you on Google, MSN, and Yahoo as well as all of your website's activity from the past day, week, month and year.

You will be well informed on how many visitors you had, where they come from, how long do they stay on your site, what page is your most popular, what page is causing people to leave your site, what day of the week brings you the most traffic. The stats are presented in an easy to read "graphical" format which makes it easy for you to see the trends over time.

Metatags update

Metatags are hidden bits of code built into your website that "speak" to search engines and directories to communicate all different types of information. Symp creates meta information including Title, Description and Keywords for each page in your website. This invisible information helps your search engine positioning and the content will become a valuable part of your website.

Unlimited Support

You can call Symp Experts as often as you like and get your questions answered. Most issues are resolved within a single call. Symp also advises you on any aspect on your website.


Monthly maintenance.

Symp will fine tune with your website by

  • optimising and compressing all of your graphics to ensure your images load as quickly as possible
  • checking the loading time each page on your website takes,
  • making any improvements possible that will help make it load even a half second faster, 
  • searching for any dead links.  
  • finding and logging backlinks (number of websites on the internet that link to your site)

Usability Scan

Symp analyses your website to find potential design and navigation issues that might have been introduced since your website deployment. While Symp has built your website to tip top condition, adding new content or active website activities thereafter might compromise the health of your website. We will recommend the necessary steps and work together with you to restore your website's health.

Software upgrades or security patches

As technology improves and software progresses, your website might need to upgrade its software and apply security patches to provide maximum stability and performance. As users of the Internet, we are always in a constant battle against those who exploit security loopholes for personal gain. Thus, by keeping our machines and software updated, we can reduce the risks to a minimum.


Clients include

Brickston Transport Service is one of the most well-known bus caterer, and one of the largest private bus company in Singapore. Its website showcases an Online Booking capability that allows the public to quickly secure a bus for any occasion and event.


SalesAdvisorAsia is a premium content based website that sells one-time subscription and monthly subscriptions to international customers. Payments are collected through Paypal. Additionally, premium content follows a release schedule, so that the subscriber sees a new piece of content a pre-determined number of days after the current.



Keppelite Recreation Club is the avenue for the promotion of higher productivity through a healthy workforce by Keppel Corporation. Its website requires updates on the various competitions that take place annually.